Selling Venues and Social Media
This website and are not the only online locations we use to sell our products.  Frequently, we will list items on ebay and our Etsy Shops
Should an item not sell on eBay or Etsy this does not mean it will automatically be relisted in one of our webstores. It might be moved to our physical retail space. Therefore, if you see something you are interested in please do not hesitate to make a purchase. It might not be available online indefinitely.

Selling Venues
Though we do not actively sell on either of the venues below I show them for feedback and reviews since is a relatively new site

Social Media
I am not one for social media but I do try to keep my Pinterest up to date with the items I offer for sale in my webstores. That being said, if an item sells I do not delete the Pinterest Pin but clicking on the item will show the current status.
I have not setup any social media account for this site as of yet. I hope to in the near future. In the meantime the pin on the Pinterest site below will redirect you to the item for sale on
3WayMix  Redirects to listing
To see all items we have listed on eBay or Etsy for this webstore please click the link at the top of the category menu . There will also be a link to the actual (ebay / Etsy) item listing on the appropriate product page of our webstore.
Should you have any questions please contact us

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