1970 Jim Beam Decanter: Order Kentucky Colonels

1970 Vintage Jim Beam Decanter depicting The Honorable Order Kentucky Colonels: Front View
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Vintage 1970 Jim Beam Decanter depicting The Honorable Order Kentucky Colonels. The front shows what looks like a blue ribbon with two gentlemen shaking hands in the center
Kentucky Colonel's Barbeque
An upside down horseshoe, so the luck doesn't drip out, and a man grilling food in the outdoors
There is also some writing under this - See photo
© Creation of James B. Beam Distilling Co.
Genuine Regal China 1970
C. Miller
Liquor Bottle
No cracks or chips
Jim Beam label on the front is fully intact
Part of a tax stamp runs down the back and part of the top
The top is on tight and would not move
Item Age
Item Size
6-3/4L x 2-1/2D x 12H
Item Weight
1 lb. 11.0 oz.
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