Scented Tarts Wax Melts (4) Four Pc Packs - Lot 1

Scented Tarts Wax Melts (4) Four Pc Packs - Lot 1
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Scented tarts or wax melts - Lot No. 1
(4) Four packs in the following scents:
1 pk. x Apple Pie
1 pk. x Sugar Cookie
1 pk. x Snickerdoodle
1 pk. x Peanut Butter Crunch
Each package states:
Up to 24 hours of fragrance
1.2 oz
Each of the four scented squares, per pack, can easily be removed to use in your electric warmer
Place in a closed bag to freshen lingerie drawers or linen closets
Mix with our other scented tarts to create your own unique fragrance!
No open flames
Our Own Candle Company
Item Age
New Older Stock
Package Size (ea)
3-3/4H x 2-7/8W x 1D
Item Weight (ea)
1.8 oz.
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